Curt McCune, a Las Vegas trained boxer, has over 25-years in the sport as a boxer, trainer and coach. Competing as an amateur boxer, Curt compiled a record of 55-3, plus over 25 exhibitions (no decision rendered/fighting out of weight class). Curt owned Champions Boxing Gym from 2000 to 2008 and produced over 25 state and regional amateur champions. Curt's boxers beat several nationally ranked amateur boxers and a future US Olympian. Curt's philosophy on boxing is simple: your basics must be solid! His boxers were known for their jab, footwork and solid defense. Curt offers only private boxing sessions, so you will train under the eye of an experienced trainer just like many professional boxers. 

Curt has had some very successful boxers. Brad Ginn, a state and regional amateur champion, defeated future Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder in the amateur ranks. Brad also beat three national ranked boxers. Michael Gibbons, also a state and regional amateur champion, fought successfully as a professional until injuries sidelined his career.

If you are a professional or amateur boxer or MMA fighter, contact Curt to sharpen your boxing skills!!!

UFC Fighter Walt "Big Ticket" Harris, Curt and Fred Weaver training before Fred's fight.